About Me

Hi buddies, I’m Elle! I’m just trying to create an account here in WP because i am currently doing a comparison as to which among the 3 hosts is the best for my page.


You might be thinking that I am 25 years old because that’s what my name implies, but I’m actually 27. I started my blog 2 years ago, when I was still 25, hence, the name SILVERGIRL.

And as for ELLE, that name actually just came out of the blue. Well, not really. When I was in my previous job, I needed a nickname that is closer to my real name, and since my original epithet is quite far from my real one, the name ELLE suddenly crossed my mind since the last 2 letters of my name are E and L. Then, i just added 2 more letter, L and E, to give it a feminine touch.



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