Beach Break Surfing School | Chasing the Waves of Baler

Since it is already “ber” months, and waves are getting bigger and bigger, instead of posting the second day of my Ilocos trip, let me firsthand share my surfing experience, so as to commend the people behind our (me and my buddies) success being a wave rider, even just for a wink of an eye. (Hehehehehe!)

Yes. It was our first time.

Yes. It was scary, because the waves are too big you can even feel them smashing the dalampasigan.

No. I don’t know how to swim properly. Just a swim swim. (LOL!)



If you’re gonna stroll on the bay walk/white bridge in Sabang beach, you’ll see lots of surfing instructors from point to point that will offer you surfing lessons with discounts because normally, its gonna cost you 350php per hour but some will give it for 300php per hour, there’s even this 1 young instructor who offered us free drinks. Cute. 🙂

I highly recommend BEACH BREAK surfing school not only because we had our lessons their, but because they got very friendly instructors, who will be watching your back all throughout the lesson, from the moment you take them as your instructor, until that moment when you need to remove the cuff from your leg because the session’s already over.

That’s kuya Don, with my buddy Joy. Since she’s an inborn haggler (I think. Hahaha!), she made an all or nothing deal with Kuya Don.

Kuya, kapag nakatayo ako sa surfboard, babayaran kita, pero pag di ako nakatayo, libre na

To which Kuya Don answered: “Sige mam, walang problema!”

So the surfing lesson began.

On the first few attempts, she kept on falling from the board, but Kuya Don was just too patient, so the lesson continued until……….

Tadaaaahh! She made it!

Mind you buddies, while she was riding the waves, you can hear her shouting from East to West. Hahaha!

Plus, kuya‘s co-instructors were clapping their hearts out.

Next, meet Kuya Barok.

He’s the one who taught my cousin-slash-soul sister during her trip to Baler, and she also offered the all or nothing deal with him and he also agreed to it.

Photos of her I just grabbed from her facebook without permission. (Mehehehehe!) And by the looks of it, just like Joy, she learned how to fly. Haha!

But then,

Tadaaaaahhhh as welllllll!

She made it too!

Though I think this shot is a bit awkward. Is she trying to drift on the waves? Or is she on the verge of falling? Hehehe. Nah! Whatevs. What matters the most is the fact that she was able to withstand the waves, knowing she’s afraid of the ocean.

Hooray to the 2 of you!

And good job, mga kuyas!

You might be wondering where my pictures are.

Well, they were all gone. Too sad, I even cried a river when I got to know they were gone. 😥

But, to tell you how I did it, inspite of my overweighted body, here it is:

My instructor was Kuya Don and I also asked him for the all or nothing deal because I’ve got a feeling that I can’t make it, and he agreed BUT with a major revision, if I’m able to stand, I’m gonna pay him, but if not, i need to pay him twice the amount. Woaaah? No, he said it was just a joke. Hehehe..

Since I cannot push myself up to the surfing position, he just taught me how to do it from the sitting/squatting position.

It’s funny because everyone around me is doing the right procedure and I’m the only one doing it that way, but it can’t  be helped.

I fell on my knees a lot of times, but after a few tries, and a bit of rest, I was able to make it as well. You might not believe me coz I got no proof, but I swear, I was able to make it! I did it!

And so, we were all happy and tired after the surfing lesson. I’m also glad that we’ve chosen them to be our instructors because like what I said earlier, they really are nice and won’t leave you.

Also, Kuya Don gave me some pieces of advice:

-I must lessen my weight. Hahaha!

-If I wanna be a good surfer, I must practice at least 3 times a week

-If you think the instructor is not doing his job properly, you can always ask for another one coz it is your right, and your safety is their responsibility

-FOCUS. When riding the board, just focus on what you can see ahead of you, not on the water beneath the board, nor on the gushing waves at your back because you will surely fall

I think this post is quite long for just a recommendation, but I can’t stop myself from sharing that experience I’ve had coz it was truly fun.

So buddies, please don’t forget, BEACH BREAK SURFING SCHOOL, they’re located along the bay walk/white bridge, in front of DESIREE’S LODGE. (It’s actually the back of the lodge)

But if you’re at the actual front of Desiree’s lodge, where the front gate is, you’ll see BBSS at the back, just beside their back gate.

This is their mini booth and I’m the chubby one. Hehehe!

I’m just glad no one from them asked me if I’m pregnant, coz I’m not. Hahaha!

And this is their price list.

Alright! Just enjoy your lesson and don’t be afraid of the waves because you need them if you wanna enjoy the real essence of surfing.

Meow! Meow!

Til my next post. Coming up next!



27 thoughts on “Beach Break Surfing School | Chasing the Waves of Baler”

  1. I have always wanted to learn how to surf but I never have lived close enough to the ocean to justify it! You make it sound amazing! Proud of you for getting up and getting a good price!


    1. Thanks Alison. I’m also a bit far from the ocean and this beach is a 5hour travel from home. Oh yes, though the discount is just 50php/ 1USD, but still, discount is a discount. I was able to give myself a snack. 😀


  2. Seems exciting..i have never surfed and not sure if i will ever have the courage for tge same..but you seem to have had a lot of fun…enjoy!!


  3. We were supposed to be in Baler two weeks ago to surf with the kids but there was a sudden change of plans. I often visit Dinadiawan, the beach there is less crowded.


    1. Thank you Clarice.. honestly, it’s really kinda scary since the waves and the sea are both uncontrollable, but once you’ve overcome that fear, you’ll definitely enjoy! 🙂


  4. This is such a wonderful experience! I am planning to avail some surfing lessons here in our area hopefully within the month before I go and challenge myself in the big waves of Baler 🙂


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