Faith & Mountains

Being a christian is not easy. Yes, it really isn’t. Everyone around you tends to watch every move you make, and what makes it much harder is when they just keep an eye on you just to wait for your flaw, and boom, when you finally had a mistake, they’ll turn it into a mountain, when in fact, it’s just as small as a mustard seed.

At this age, I’ve already been through a lot. Lots of pain, lots of heartaches and heartbreaks, lots of trials, lots of blessings, lots of happiness, lots of everything! I’ve complained a lot of times as well, i cried, i screamed, i smiled, i laughed, and i think all those experiences that I’ve had are the reason why i am WHAT i am right now. Not that i am perfect, because i will never be perfect, well, nobody’s gonna be, but what i am grateful for is the learning that i have gained from all those scenarios that I’ve been through, may it be a soul-lifting, a spine-chilling, or a heart-breaking one.

As written in Romans 8:28, everything happens for a reason, and only God knows what the reason/s is/are. We may be so down at times, but let’s not forget to seek for the Lord. His grace, plus His unconditional love, will always be sufficient for us. That actually is one reason why i like Laura Story’s song, Grace. Every time i listen to it, i feel blessed and relieved. It’s like i can hear Jesus talking to me, just in a female voice though, but i feel loved by Him.

I think, what I’m trying to impart, my dear friends, is for us to seek Him always. I may not know what you’re going through, or how heavy your burdens are, but let’s always seek for the Lord, and let’s have faith in Him. With all the problems we have, there’s nothing that we can do but to pray and trust Him, because it’s also written, a faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain. [Matthew 17:20] Problems will always be problems. They had their way of going in, let them make their own way of going out. [hehehe!] We can never overcome them with negativity because it’s like we’re feeding cancer cells with a delish meat [gggrr! just a thought of it makes me feel chilly!], the more pessimistic we are, the healthier the problems will be.

So, just keep on smiling, and be optimistic. God is just a prayer away. He is alive. He is our hope. He’s our protector and shield. Whatever comes our way, He can always make a way, when there seems to be no way. [Don Moen’s song “God Will Make a Way”].





22 thoughts on “Faith & Mountains”

  1. When I was little we used to have religion classes in school and every Easter and every Christmas we used to go to the church with the class for the communion. I guess the faith faded away once growing up and only the moral norms have remained…


  2. I think it is difficult to trust God when everything looks bleak.But if we learn to find things to be thankful for even in the moat challenging times, I think our burden will ve lightened.


  3. I’m not religious but I do believe things we experience are all part of growing as a person and we learn a lot from what life throws at us!


  4. I agree with the first paragraph, it’s not easy, but that doesn’t apply only to christians but to all humans. Also, i 100% agree that everything happens for a reason and my life is a proof that that’s so true.


  5. I really enjoy reading your post. It is very moving and sincere. I am from a different religion but I believe that we just have different names but we are all worshipping one Almighty.


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