Green R Hotel Review | Where to stay in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Upon arriving at the green building that says “GREEN R”, we were actually doubting if we really found the right place because we cannot find the reception area, which normally can be seen at the front door, but since we’re too tired and we wanna feel the comfort that only a mattress can give, we entered the building’s front door, paved our way up to the second floor, and that’s where we found what we’re looking for: receptionist.

Prior to having our Ilocos trip, I already searched about Green R so what we were eyeing for was the room that’s good for 2, then we’ll just add 2 bedding, because by that, we’ll be able to save a bit, and though I’ve read a not-so-good comment about the hotel, I didn’t mind because budget is always the first factor that we consider.

Unfortunately, which is actually a blessing in disguise, the room for 2 is no longer available, so we ended up choosing a family room for 4 with 2 king sized beds, and I’m glad that it’s what we’ve got.

Upon entering, the room is tidy and it smells good (another thing that I personally consider), and I’m impressed/got curious by the room’s power-slash-key system wherein a squared white plastic card is attached to the room’s key and once you’ve entered the room, you need to insert that plastic card inside a pocket-like something that is on the wall, to turn the electricity on.

I don’t know what it’s called but I was really amazed because I never knew that such technology do exist. Hehehe. Masyado yata ako ignorante. Rarrrr!

Here are my photos of the room.

Just beside the main door is a long table with chair, and some drawers, and a rectangular mirror mounted on the wall. The room suddenly got messy right after we stepped in. Toinks!

This is the first bed,parallel to the door, which my friends (hubby and wife) occupied.

And this is the second bed, which is parallel to the table, flat screen tv, and ac.

Flat screen tv mounted on the wall.Table with drawers.

Wardrobe closet.Closet, huh?!? 😀

I took this picture right after I woke up and said “GOODMORNING VIGAN!”.

And this is the sunset view from our room. I’m in awe!!

We may not have a nice view whenever we look down because all we can see are the roofs of the neighborhood, but probably, there’s a lesson for us, that we should stop looking downwards because nothing’s good in there, rather, to always look forward and above because that’s where we can see how awesome God’s creations are. Ayt! 🙂

Going back to my review about GREEN R HOTEL, I’m actually satisfied, though let me say, there are still some opportunities for this hotel, especially the reception area because that’s where we can get our first impression.

Comfort room is okay. Clean, and with toiletries.

WiFi is free, just get the password from the reception area, but I think connection is weak when you’re inside the room, I haven’t tried it though.

First floor: main entrance and stairs going up

Second floor: mini counter/reception area

Third floor: rooms and common area where you can meet other occupants, like a living room

Fourth floor: rooms, including ours, and mini gym that’s free to use

Green R is located in front of the public market, and is also near Puregold and Partas terminal station. If you’re going to Dominion bus terminal, or Calle Crisologo, you can either take a walk for 10-15 minutes, or ride a tricycle for 15php per head.

All in all, I’m gonna give them 7.5/10 ..


[Everything that’s posted is based on the writer’s experience.]


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