The Enemies of Faith

These past few months, I’ve always been clouded by fear. Lagi akong takot sa mga bagay na hindi ko naman alam kung ano, which makes me unproductive, and in the end, I’m just annoying myself.

We were always taught, even when we were kids, to have faith. Well, FAITH,is just a simple five-letter word, with a senseless to a wider definition, depending on how you perceive it.

Yeah, these past few months. Actually, not months anymore, years rather, i was so tensed and stressed and all that, but if you’re gonna ask me why, i don’t know. It’s really weird that i feel so pressured that I almost set aside this faith that i once had in my heart, towards my Lord Jesus.

Then, one Sunday, God’s message shoot my heart. Our pastor preached about “The Enemies of Faith”. Upon hearing the outline’s title, i already knew that the message was for me, that God is talking to me and that He is teaching me a lesson.

As preached, the enemies of faith are DOUBT and FEAR.Yes. I’m guilty. Those are the two things that keeps me from doing what i wanted to do, what i needed to do.

But HE already sent me a message. HE already assured me, through HIS Word, that as long as i have faith in him, i don’t need to be afraid, nor should i doubt on HIM, and i think that’s what i must do because in the first place, that’s what I’ve been doing before, keeping my faith in GOD.

So, from now on, i wanna be back on track. I wanna live a life that’s gonna give glory to my Lord Jesus. I wanna be fruitful and useful for the ministry. I wanna throw my doubts and fears off, and let the seed of faith grow abundantly inside my heart.

My friend, if you’re going through a lot, if you’re having doubts in your heart, if you’re afraid of something, just focus your eyes on HIM,and have FAITH. HE promised us that HE will never leave us nor forsake us, and that we can always count on HIM, for the Lord is our Living Hope.

Let’s keep our FAITH!







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