Welcoming 2016!

Today marks the first day of 2016. Many are hopeful, many are weary, many are anxious about what’s gonna happen this year. Many are dreaming to become like this, or to be like that, but only a few are doing their best to reach whatever goal they have set upon themselves, so to them who are devotedly exerting their efforts for their dreams to become reality, i am giving my two thumbs up, and cheers to you all!

There is never an easy task in this whole wide world, just a patient and determined soul, so if you got a dream, or you got a goal to reach, chase it! Life will always be as hard as it has been, so no matter what, just keep going, and chasing. Don’t let the waves crush, nor crash you out because at the end of the day and you get to look back, you’ll realize that what brought you to success is the determination that you have planted into your heart, and of course, with God’s guidance.

We may all have our own lil new year’s resolution, but let’s also bear in our minds that resolution without action is nonsensical.

So, to everyone of us, let’s welcome this new year with all positivity and let’s make no room for negativities. Let us not forget to ask for God’s guidance, because the path He has prepared for us will always be the best one.

Happy 2016!



p.s. credits to http://www.trvnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Happy-New-Year-Images-2016-advance.jpg for featured image


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