Ola! I’m back after some time. Yeah, i haven’t posted anything on this page for almost, or more than a year now, despite the fact that I’m done watching some animes, and that I should post a review about them. Sorry. 😊

And now, i’m set to share what my mind says about those animes that i’ve watched.


( i chose this photo because of Levi. Weeeh!! 😍😍😍)

I had it on my phone since a year ago but i’ve finally decided to watch it just recently, and i never thought i’d be interested with it’s story. All i wanna say about SNK is this: I WANT MOOOOOOORE!

I know, that “more” that i’m wanting will arrive very very soon. I just can’t wait for them to air the 2nd season of this anime. Woooohhhh! There are still so many secrets behind the walls.

Actually, i’m thinking that Eren might be Annie’s stepbrother. Hahahaha! Erk. Just a thought. 😊

I would highly recommend this anime if you want a heart thumping one to watch. Watch it. NOW!!


Well. Yuki reminds me of my officemate Vin, a lot. Hehehe! At first, i like how brave Yuno Gasai is. I admire her courage, and her eagerness to protect Yuki. But when it started to reveal Yuno’s real identity, mehehehehehehe, i realized i’ve got no reason to like her.

Also, i don’t like Yuki’s personality. He’s too coward and Yuno just saved him most of the time. Good thing she’s in love with him. I even can’t accept the fact that Yuki’s the winner of their game and that he became the god of the 2nd world. 2nd or 3rd?! Nah. I can’t recall.

But then, between this and Danganronpa, i’d go with this, Mirai Nikki. This anime’s plot is much better than Danganronpa, for me. Ehehehe!


Well. Taiga’s soooo kawai. Who would say no?! I like the series, tho honestly, there are some episodes where i got bored.

It’s just that the love story just got exciting on the latter part. Literally latter part, which makes the plot/story too fast. All throughout the series, Taiga and Ryuuji are doing their hard for their crushes, Kitamura and Minori, to like them, and then, just before the series ends, when they finally fell for each other, will they know that their crushes really liked them from the start.

I dunno how to explain what emotion did i have, but stil i’d recommend this anime if you’re looking for a lovey lovey highschool type of story. Weeh!

OH, before i forgot, i like Taiga and Ami’s song “Sa-a Christmas”. I dunno the title of the song, but i like it sooooo much. So cute…. 😁

I’m gonna cut it here, but i’ll be posting the next review by tomorrow, i swear. Hoho!


Note: Transferred post from my blogger account.


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