Ha! Like what i told you. Ha! I came back after a couple of days. See? I really am not good in keeping my promise of coming back the next day. One good thing though is, i really came back. Hehehe! (^,^)v

Honestly, i feel super sleepy right now and i feel a lil bit dizzy, but yeah, i still have enough strength to let my brain work a lil bit more, so here we go…

1. Watashi Ga Motenai (but the actual title is too long)

She is Tomoko Kuroki, and she’s ugly. 

That’s actually what the story is all about, on how ugly Kuroki is, and on how doomed she feels because she’s ugly. How’s her day-to-day life being ugly, and how she manages her stress on being ugly. I can’t remember the exact story anymore since it’s been 2 years ago, i think, since i watched this anime.

And, though the main story revolves on her being ugly, second thing is her being crazy, because she’s ugly. hahaha! Take a look on the pics below so you’d know how crazy Kuroki is.

I guess there’s a lot more crazier/funnier photos of her, so if by any chance you’ll watch this anime, just be prepared with your pause and print screen button, so you could capture all her silly moments, all throughout the series. Ayt!

2. Danganronpa (also, actual title is too long) 

This series is more of a psycho/brutal-not-so-brutal type of anime. To be honest as well, I can’t remember the story anymore though if i can remember it right, I finished watching this for 2 days? Hmm.

That crazy black and white bear, named Monobear, is the principal of Hope’s Peak Academy, and the “judge” slash “punisher” during the judgement day as well.

Just like all other psycho type of series, almost all characters were killed, aside from the protagonists, Makoto Naegi and Kyoko Kirigiri. Here they are.

The story flows as, if i remember it right, when a classmate has been killed, they need to know who the killer is during the trial. They need to be sure who the killer is, or else, the principal/judge Monobear will impose a punishment to everyone, i guess. Then eventually, on the series’ latter part, there were some facts being revealed to Naegi and Kirigiri, including the fact that 1 of the classmates is actually the one controlling Monobear.

I may not remember exactly how the story went, but these characters are the ones that left an impression on me.

Celestia Ludenberg, because of her loli looks. (look at her hair!)

Toko Fukawa, because of her scissor-ish ability, her tongue, and on how crazy she is when she’s out of her normal state.

Junko Enoshima, because of her fashion, especially those 2 different ponytails that she uses, and it so happened that 1 of her ponytail is a replica of monobear.

and lastly,

Kyoko Kirigiri, my favorite character because of her detective-ish ability, and her one-sided braid. I’m actually eyeing on her character for a cosplay event very very soon!

They’re the 4 characters from this anime that if i see someone cosplaying them, i would immediately recognize they’re from Danganronpa. 🙂

And that’s pretty much it for now. I really need to go to sleep coz it’s already past 2 in the morning.  Tomorrow, later rather, i’ll be posting something again. 

Yeah, here I am again right? 

i’ll make it! i know i can. 

i will !

Goodnight for now! (^,^)v


Note: Transferred post from my blogger account.


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