My 26th year!

Yeah, me and my soul sister absolutely had fun on my 26th birthday gala. It was supposed to be us and my friend Mhey, but she wasn’t able to make it, so kami na lang ang gumala. We’re originally bound to somewhere out of town, but due to some inevitable circumstances, we just went there, at the Mall of Asia, because that’s the next best place for me, because of the sea side. (Mehehe!)

For some, being on a seaside is just a normal to non-special thingy, but for me, it means a lot. Naaalala ko yung days when my papa was still alive. We would spend our weekends at the beach, and he would teach me how to swim, which i eventually learned at a pool. (Haha!) I can also recall those days na luluwas kami ng Manila from Negros, and we would ride a ship, so we tend to stay at the deck of the ship, just watching the waves of the ocean smashing our big, sailing ship.

Beach/sea reminds me of my papa, that’s why i like being on a seaside, and if only i’d be given a chance to live by the seasie, i’d definitely grab that opportunity, so i could live with the memories i have of him. ☺

I don’t intend to make this post emotional. I just wanna share why inspite of being “just” in MOA, i still enjoyed my birthday celebration. Weeeehh!

I really wanna ride that big big wheel, but unfortunately, it’s closed for maintenance during that time (maybe, Eddie the Maintenance is doing something.hehe!) So we just spent the night walking by the seaside, observing people, taking photos of whatever, and so on.

It was also my first time to experience zipline. At first,i was so nervous because i’m afraid of heights. When it was being assembled, i was so freakin’ nervous because i can see how high we’re at, but when the operator released us and we started to glide at the rope, wow! SUGOIIIIIII! I want more of it, honestly.

After that, we rode the little boat by the bay. The smell of the sea may not be that fresh, but the breeze is really WOW! Sea at night may be scary most of the time because you can’t see the bottom, nor what surrounds you, but it’s fantastic and mystical at the same time, for me. Hehehe!

We ended up eating at Mang Inasal, due to our cravings for chicken barbecue, and went our way home.

I’m looking forward for a more adventurous birthday celeb by 2015, if God permits, at ngayon pa lang, paghahandaan ko na ito. Weeeehhh!!

*transferred post from my blogger account
*original publish date was on 6/21/15 at 8:46 AM, Pacific Standard Time

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