Pangasinan DIY Itinerary + budget list | Bolinao-Alaminos

Hi buddies! Without further ado, here’s my itinerary + budget on my BolAl trip. Enjoy!

Day 0: Thursday

10:40pm – Departure to Bolinao (via Victory Liner)

Day 1: Friday

5:00am – Arrival in Bolinao; CR mode (–,)
5:45am – Arrival in Patar White Beach; rest; searched for accomm.
7:00am – Checked in at MJO White Sand Resort (review soon)
8:00am – Breakfast
10:00am – Start of Tricycle tour (Cape Bolinao, Bolinao falls 1&2)
3:00pm – Lunch at Sungayan Floating Restaurant
4:30pm – Cont. of tour (Wonderful Cave, Rock formation)
6:00pm – Sunset viewing and beachbumming at Patar white beach
9:00pm – Dinner (lunch leftovers) at MJO’s viewdeck
10:00pm – Lights off

Day 2: Saturday

7:30am – Wake up time; prep up; photo op
9:00am – Breakfast
10:00am – Checked stores for pasalubong
11:00am – Checked out from MJO
12:00pm – Departure to Alaminos (via UV Express)
12:45pm – Arrival in Alaminos; searched for accomm.
1:30pm – Checked in at Najera Transient Rooms (review soon)
2:00pm – Start of island hopping
6:30pm – End of island hopping; back to lodge; prep up
8:00pm – Dinner
10:00pm – Lights off

Day 3: Sunday

7:30am – Wake up time; chillin’ on bed
10:00am – Breakfast
12:00pm – Back to lodge; pack up
1:30pm – Checked out from Najera;
3:00pm – Departure to Cubao (via Cisco bus)
8:30pm – Arrival in Cubao


Buddies, this computation is for 1pax but i’ll include the original price/price when not divided per pax.
Note: OP = Original Price

459.00 – Victory Liner, Cubao to Bolinao
67.00 – tricycle to Patar (OP: 200.00)
600.00 – MJO White Sand Dream Resort (OP: 1,800.00)
334.00 – tricycle tour (OP: 1,000.00)
50.00 – environmental fee (Bolinao Falls1)
7.00 – tricycle parking fee (Op: 20.00)
50.00 – environmental fee (Bolinao Falls2)
7.00 – tricycle parking fee (OP: 20.00)
100.00 – environmental fee (Wonderful Cave)
7.00 – tricycle parking fee (OP: 20.00)
70.00 – environmental/entrance fee (Rock Formation)
7.00 – tricycle parking fee (OP: 20.00)
67.00 – tricycle to UV terminal (OP: 200.00)
50.00 – UV to Alaminos
17.00 – UV to Alaminos (we paid the extra seat)
20.00 – tricycle to Lucap
600.00 – Najera Transient Room (OP: 1,800.00)
150.00 – vest and snorkelling gear rental
80.00 – env. & other fees for 100island
467.00 – island hopping (OP: 1,400.00)
27.00 – tricycle to bus terminal (OP: 80.00)
393.00 – Cisco bus, Alaminos to Cubao
3,629.00 – TOTAL without foods
1,262.00 – Foods
4,891.00 – TOTAL with foods

Since i wanna make sure that i won’t miss a thing, i created the budget list just as how we did the itinerary. πŸ˜€

If you have any questions, or something in my itinerary is bothering or confusing you, please don’t hesitate to write a comment or send me a message on my Facebook PageΒ or email me at and i would be more than glad to clear things out.

Keep smiling!




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