Sagada DIY Itinerary + budget list | Banaue – Sagada – Baguio

Summer has officially started and as i browse through the fb travel group’s wall, i’m seeing some fellaz getting interested in going up the mountains, probably to escape from the scorching heat of the sun. Yes buds, that’s one perfect option, and Sagada should be on top of your list. Here’s my DIY itinerary + budget list for Sagada, with Banaue side trip.

Day0: Monday

10:00pm – Departure to Banaue (via Ohayami bus)

Day1: Tuesday

7:00am – Arrival in Banaue; tourism registration
7:30am – Departure to Sagada (via van); breakfast and photo op on diff view decks
11:00am – Arrival in Sagada; strolled; looked for accomm.
11:30am – Checked in at Kanip-aw lodge (review soon); rest
3:30pm – Strolled (St.Mary’s Church, Ganduyan Souvenir shop); tourism registration
6:30pm -Dinner at Sagada Brew
8:00pm – Back to lodge; devotion; lights off

Day2: Wednesday

5:00am – Wake up time; prepped up
7:00am – Breakfast
8:00am – Trek to caves (Sumaguing, Lumiang)
9:30am – Snacks and rest at Gaia Cafe
11:00am – Back to lodge; rest
1:30pm – Lunch at Sagada Taste
2:30pm – Strolled (St.Mary church, Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins)
4:00pm – Walked to Lake Danum (unfortunately, we didn’t make it)
5:30pm – Back to lodge; rest
7:00pm – Dinner
8:00pm – Devotion; lights off

Day3: Thursday

4:00am – Wake up time; prepped up
5:00am – Breakfast
5:30am – OTW to Kiltepan; sunrise watching
7:00am – Back to lodge; breakfast (again)
8:00am – OTW to Bomod-ok
12:00pm – Back to lodge; pack up
12:30pm – Checked out; take-out lunch at Sagada Brew
1:00pm – Departure to Baguio (via GL bus)
7:15pm – Arrival in Baguio; looked for accomm.
8:30pm – Dinner
10:00pm – Departure to Cubao (via Joybus)

DayX: Friday

2:00am – Arrival in Cubao


Buddies, this computation is for 1pax but i’ll include the original price/price when not divided per pax.
Note: OP = Original Price

450.00 – Manila to Banaue (via Ohayami bus)
300.00 – Banaue to Sagada (via van)
100.00 – service to Kiltepan
73.00 – service to Bomod-ok
220.00 – Sagada to Baguio (via GL bus)
560.00 – Baguio to Cubao (via Joybus semi-deluxe)
1703.00 – total for transpo

20.00 – Env. fee, Banaue
25.00 – given to elders
5.00 – CR along the way
35.00 – Env. fee, Sagada
25.00 – Sagada map
35.00 – ‘mini guide’ to Lumiang (OP: 70.00)
55.00 – Tour guide to Bomod-ok (OP:  )
600.00 – Lodge for 2 nights (Kanip-aw Pines View Lodge)
2503.00 – WITHOUT food

141.00 – personal needs (while in Sagada)
400.00 – grocery + baon
1030.00 – foods
4074.00 – TOTAL EXPENSES with foods

As you may notice buddies, we tried to look for an accommodation in Baguio but since we’re too tired and our bags were too heavy, we just opted to take the bus going home and decided to check and see Baguio some other time. I’ll be posting my Baguio itinerary soon and it will still match with this iti, so you can complete the 4d3n Banaue-Sagada-Baguio tour.

*our ‘mini guide’ to Lumiang were 3 local kids who were on their way to the cave as well
*trip happened during the last quarter of 2015 so prices may not be the same anymore

If you have any questions, or something in my itinerary is bothering or confusing you, please don’t hesitate to write a comment or send me a message on my Facebook Page or email me at and i would be more than glad to clear things out.

Keep smiling!



4 thoughts on “Sagada DIY Itinerary + budget list | Banaue – Sagada – Baguio”

  1. Great post! My family and I did something similar a few years ago. I’m a big fan of DIY trips since you’re free to do whatever you want hehe. Love to hear about your trip in details! 😀


  2. Sagada is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s just a small town packed with so much beauty. I haven’t tried the direct buses from Manila to Sagada, it will decrease time travel, I suppose. Ah, I miss.


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