2 AM thoughts . . .

So, the last entry published is dated March. What happened? Writer’s block? Hmmm. Probably.

Seriously, I’ve got lots of stuffs to share to you all. My previous itineraries, travel stories that are still incomplete up until now, photographs of anything and everything, staycations. Ugh!

But, what I am glad about is, earlier today, we watched Imagine You And Me (legally, at the cinema house!), and I’m still “jetlagged” by the story, I checked Maine’s blog, read her latest entry which is The Sunday Currently, clicked the credits link, was redirected to Siddathornton, so now, i’ll be joining The Sunday Currently series too. Weeeehh!

I also remembered that I need to answer my part 2 of You Blog You series by Louisechelle.

Honestly, I’m quite excited to share what my answers are for both series, but as of this moment, I’m feeling dizzy coz I’m sleepy so I guess I need to log out for now but definitely, my You Blog You Vol.2 will be up by tomorrow. I SWEAR TO THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE! :p

Pardon me as this “2AM thoughts” entry is killing my sanity.

See you all later on my next post buddies! Mwarf!




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