Baguio-La Union escapade : from the mountains to the sea

Baguio City, dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines, is probably one of the most visited places in our country as it has so many things to offer to a needy, travelling soul. From the tourist spots turned historical landmarks, to fresh veggies and berries, to its cold, foggy climate, Baguio has always been on top of the list when looking for a go-to place, may it be for a quick weekend chill, or a week-long getaway.

Personally, i’ve been there for the third time now but I still get amazed whenever I feel the cold breeze touching my skin, or when it gets too foggy that you can’t see anything around you, or just by seeing pine trees standing still, one after another.
We left Cubao at around 5pm and i’m telling you buddies, this is NOT the best time to travel. We arrived in Baguio at around 11pm so the only thing that can be done is to check in and sleep as you’ll definitely get exhausted from the winding road starting from Pugo, La Union going up.

And that was Day 1. 😦

The next day, which is Day 2, we immediately prepped ourselves up upon waking up, took our breakfast, and headed to Burnham Park for an hour or two of biking. (the balik-alindog kemeru was what we’re aiming for. lol!) Unfortunately, instead of killing my fats, I decided to just sit beside a chopped trunk, turned my mobile data on, and started searching for a cheap accommodation so we could transfer by noon time. After a few taps, clicks, and texts, we found a transient house where we can spend our 2nd night, so upon checking out from the hotel, we went to Ketchup Community to have our lunch (at Rancho’s), then headed to Tita Mary’s transient house (review link soon).

We went back to the town proper to have our dinner and since Good Taste is almost full, we decided to eat at Kamayan sa Ganza located in Burnham Park, just beside the jeepney terminal with routes to john hay, upper scout barrio, etc.

After that sumptuous dinner, we went straight to the biking rental area instead of going to the night market, and spent half an hour before going back to the transient house.

And that was Day 2.

biking rental in Burnham Park

Day 3. Instead of going to the town, we have decided to just stay in the transient house, watch tv, surf the internet, and waited for our eyes to turn green as we enjoyed the view of the pine trees and the mountains from our room’s balcony. That was purely relaxation, and that’s how we wanted to spend half of our third day in Baguio. By noon time, we started to prep ourselves up as we needed to check out and head to LU but rain startes to fall so we got no choice but to wait til it stop. Good thing, the rain stopped at around 3pm so we checked out, called a cab,and went to the public market to buy veggies and fruits.

After veggie shopping, we then went to the bus terminal, rode a UV/van going to La Union, paid 120/each, and calmed ourselves as the road (Naguillian) is UGH! i wanna puke!

After 2 hours of torturous ride (motion sickness dude!), we arrived at Brgy. Urbiztondo in San Juan, La Union. That was 7pm to be exact. We checked in, had our dinner, and took a good night’s rest.

End of Day 3.

one of the most dramatic sunset i’ve seen. 😍

Day 4. I told myself that I needed to wake up as early as I can so I could spend some time walking by the bay while waiting for the sun to rise, and ya know what?! I woke up at around 8am!! Tadaaaahhhh!!

So upon waking up, we prepped ourselves, took our breakfast by the bay, rested for a while then prepped ourselves again for a sunburning swimming time. That was 9:45am when we left the room to take a swim. Good thing though that I forgot to wear my watch as we didn’t spend a lot of time in the beach, or we might have gone toasted by the sun. (harharhar!)

Photo was actually taken during our previous trip to La Union; last quarter of 2015

By 10:30am, we started prepping ourselves and our belongings up, then by 12noon, we checked out. We we’re on the bus by 12:30, then alighted the bus in Balintawak by 7pm.

You may have noticed that nothing much has happened, but I personally enjoyed it because it has been a while since the last time me and my buddies had an out of town.

New Experiences

The rain poured while we were in Baguio so I was able to see how foggy the town proper becomes after a rain.

Waves in La Union are not strong. It’s actually flat most of the time so almost no surfers during our visit. There were some who were kayaking, paddle boarding, sandboarding, and doing nothing.

I have always been a beach lady but now I am adding the pine trees to my favorite sceneries, and even if I had a not so good (creepy) experience before, that won’t stop me from going back to Baguio again. 😜

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15 thoughts on “Baguio-La Union escapade : from the mountains to the sea”

  1. Hey, I did exactly the same thing you did, although I had spent more time. I remember going to San Juan for couple of days, then Baguio for four nights, then returned to San Juan again for two more nights or was it one night, before going to Angeles on the way back to Manila.

    It’s nice to take a side trip there, San Juan, after spending days in the mountain city, right???


    1. that’s true, sir rob! it’s beeb a while since the last time i went to the beach so beach-ing after the mountains is truly refreshing. i actually miss them both right now! hehehe… πŸ™‚


  2. That sounds like a fun trip! Well, I’m sorry about the motion sickness, but otherwise it sounds fun. And that sunset is really beautiful. I would love to see Baguio myself some day!


  3. I’ve been to Baguio twice, first was during our honeymoon in Jan. 2013 and the 2nd was during a fellowship in April 2014 when we have a son already. lol. Idk when our next visit will be, maybe when we have our 2nd child? lol.


  4. And I guess it was still indeed a fun trip, right? hihi. This post makes me more excited for our Baguio trip this coming December! uhm can you please suggest some nice yet cheap accommodations? It will be our first time in Baguio kasi and we know nowhere hahaha


    1. it was super fun!! πŸ˜€ oh really? sure! im actually in the process of doing a review about the transient house where we stayed. December, there will be lots of tourists and travellers in Baguio for sure so I think early reservation would be a must. Once im done with the review i’ll try to send you the link. πŸ™‚


  5. That sunset is so beautiful. And to be honest, I am a beach girl as well myself πŸ™‚ Well, at least you enjoyed the trip, that’s what matters most!


  6. I have heard so much about Baguio. It’s so saddening that untilnow I wasn’t able to visit the place. But if I get the chance, I’ll definitely giving a try of the ones you have tried too!


  7. Hey, I am about to gofor my honeymoon. Is this place worth it? Or would you recommend me a different one? have never heard of Baguio-La before. But the pictures especially the sunset looks amazing.


    1. Hi Nimi! Baguio would be worth it! That’s actually one of the place that I consider spending my honeymoon at someday, and I guess one of the perfect hotel/accommodation will be at The Manor in Camp John Hay. πŸ™‚
      as for La Union, if you’re a beach+sunset lover, its gonna be a perfect place too, plus its just an hour or two away from Baguio. As for an accomodation in La Union, you may try Kahuna, or Sebay, or San Juan Surf Resort. πŸ™‚


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