Where have you been?

Just a few minutes ago, i realized, it has been a year since I was given the opportunity, or should I say I was blessed with the opportunity to travel, with my pocket always beating the red light. One of my buddies asked me “You always take pictures but I haven’t seen any of those on your facebook. Binubulok mo?” , then laughed. I don’t post photos on my facebook account as I don’t feel I have the right to tell the world that I’ve been here and there because like what I mentioned, my pocket’s a red light beater. Salingpusa lang ako sa karamihan ng naging lakad ko. Hehehehe!

So why did I create this post?

Because I want to have a little cyber space where I can one day look at and reminisce where I’ve been, relive the beauty of God’s creations that once put me in awe, then be inspired and get motivated.

This intro actually got longer and emotional than what it’s supposed to be so let’s now move on. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Our country, the Philippines, has a total of 81 provinces and there were a few travellers who had successfully stepped upon it all. With this list, let’s see if I’m gonna be one of them, true blooded travellers, but I somehow doubt it because I’m quite a scaredy cat. πŸ™€

1. Ilocos Norte

Welcome arc of Pagudpud.


2. Ilocos Sur

Silya kalesa at Calle Crisologo in Vigan.

3. Aurora

One sunny morning at Sabang Beach in Baler. A surfer’s about to hit the waves.

4. Ifugao

With the elders in Banaue. At one of the rice terraces’ view point.

5. Mt. Province

The hanging coffins in Sagada.

6. La Union

Lovely sunset at Brgy. Urbiztondo in San Juan.

7. Oriental Mindoro

At the white beach in Puerto Galera. Nah, PUERT GALER? Awesome photographer! πŸ˜‚

8. Benguet

The ‘haunted’ Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City.

9. Pangasinan

Another lovely sunset at Patar White Beach in Bolinao.

10. Cavite

The view of Taal Lake right in our balcony.

As of this writing, these are the provinces that I have travelled to and I pray to God for Him to bless me with lots of opportunities to visit more places, provinces, or countries in the near future.Β Oh, I also would want to include 3 more provinces: NEGROS OCCIDENTAL , NEGROS ORIENTAL , BULACAN. These 3 are my home provinces, with the latter as the current, and I am looking forward to visiting Negros real soon. *fingers crossed*

There you go buddies! How bout you? Please feel free to share your travel stories on the comment box and I would be very glad to read those. Happy travels everyone!

Please don’t forget to like my Facebook Fan PageΒ for updates,Β questions, comments, and suggestions, alrighty buddy?Β MUAH! πŸ˜™πŸ˜˜



I may not mention the name/s here but I am always grateful to my buddies whom God has used to be a channel of blessing for me to be able to visit all these places.


22 thoughts on “Where have you been?”

  1. Congratulations for a milestone! Publishing the places you have been to. You are not doing this for the public but also for yourself. A blog is your personal expression and with this post, may this inspire you to find ways and means to grow your savings that enables you to travel to 71 other provinces of the Philippines!



  2. The farthest that I’ve been in the North is only Baguio City. huhu. But I keep on hoping that one day, I will be able to visit these places with my family. One day. One day. hehe. *fingers crossed*


  3. I love travelling but right now me and hubby need to prioritize paying fully the townhouse we bought three years ago. My last travel was a weeklong indulgence in Singapore 3 yrs ago too (though we’ve been there 3x). After that we decided to be just contented with staycations. Hopefully two years from now we can travel again. I really wanna explore the Philippines.


  4. It’s always an inspiration to see travel bloggers post about their milestones. Bloggers like you always inspire me to do better at blogging and travelling as well. It’s such a fulfilling feeling to be able to reach provinces in our country. πŸ™‚ To more travels!


  5. Awesome one, Elle! You should get a Scratch Philippine Map. It’s like a scratch card but bigger. You can scratch all the places you’ve been to and see the map unfold and bear color in your eyes. I hope to see you in one of my travels cause, like you,my pocket’s a red light beater too πŸ˜‚


    1. Thank you Mirriam! πŸ˜€ Hmmm, i think nakakita ako nyan sa SM dep store.I’ll try to find one kapag may extra budget.. aheeheehee! ^_^
      yes yes yes!! i hope to see you too! i’ll take a look on your profile picture para pag nakita kita, i’ll approach you! kaway po sa atin, #TeamBeater .. hehehe! πŸ˜€


      1. Quirks has one 😊 dun ako nakakita. Medyo pricey pero nagsesale! Kasi #teamBeater πŸ˜‚


  6. Just like you, I don’t immediately upload photos on facebook hahaha. Maybe I’m just lazy to do it. Great start for the places that you’ve visited. Cheers to more places. I’m halfway to all 81 provinces here in the Philippines. Kaya natin to!


    1. hahahaha! tara, bulukin natin ng husto mga photos natin. hehehehe!! :)) really? aww.. i envy u! wala pa ko sa 1/4 but hopefully within 5years, maka halfway na din. nyaaahhh!! ang gastos!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  7. You’ve travelled to a lot of places already! You’re such a wanderer. πŸ™‚ and I agree with your friend about the photos. You should post them often kasi sayang ang talent mo pag tinago mo yan sa baul! Hihi. I love your photo shots of sunsets. The thought of watching sunsets or just seeing a photo of it seems relaxing to me. I hope to travel again pretty soon and be able to watch sunsets again such as the ones you have posted above.


    1. aww.. thank you momma michelle! πŸ™‚ nakakataba ng puso… ^_^ yes! super nakaka relax talaga manood ng sunset, sa dagat man yan or sa kabundukan! sana one day, makita po kita sa isa sa mga lugar na may best sunset… ^_^


  8. You should be really proud you were able to go to these special places even though you were just a sabit. πŸ˜› It’s a testament of how good God was to you . You can also use these photos as milestones of where you’ve been before just by looking at the photos. You are reminded again of all the good times you had in that place. Also, a good advice I could give you is to have those photos printed. Iba yung feeling ng nakikita mo lang siya sa blog and iba yung feeling na andyan siya at hawak mo yung photos.



  9. I admire people who don’t need to flaunt the places they have gone to! Good thing we have this blog where we can actually share them without being judged. You know, people on social media particularly FB. Anyhow, I’m from Negros Oriental! Looking forward to see your posts about it real soon. πŸ™‚


    1. true po yan! most people on fb would smirk imbes na mag smile para sayo. kaya siguro din nabuo ang blog. baka yung nakaisip ng blog is naging biktima ng bullying. ehehe…
      really? saan ka sa negros oriental? ako, sa mabinay.. πŸ™‚


  10. Hi there! I’m a travel blogger but that doesn’t mean I’ve been everywhere. I started traveling via Southeast Asia. But when I came back, I realized I haven’t been around the Philippines. So now I do most of my travels locally and have no interest yet in going abroad πŸ™‚


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