Christmas of 2016!

Merry christmas buddies!

It’s been a while and i got to say that i miss blogging so much! 4 long months and finally, my blog is up again. I’ve been busy with i-dunno-what thingy the past couple of months, and if not for the season, i probably am still hibernating. This post isn’t something obligatory though. Nah! x))

So how’s your day buddy? Was it well spent? Did you enjoy every single food on the platter? Did you sing your heart out loud with the booming sound system? Or you just slept on most time of the day just like me? Meh!

Well, we may have different ways in celebrating our christmases, but let’s never ever forget the very reason for this season. A simple prayer of thanksgiving to God, that He gave His only Son to save us would make Him glad.

Again buddies, happy holidays, and may we all have a blast! Cheers to everyone! 😉



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