Sagada Accommodation: Kanip-aw Pines View Lodge

How can you fully recover from a heartbreak if the bed that you’re on even breaks your back? You don’t deserve that buddy! Nah.

I guess this is the perfect place for you!


My comfy bed which is actually good for 2pax.


The restroom.


Open closet, hangers and towels were provided. I actually don’t know what it’s called, thus “open closet”. Lol!


The outside view from the room’s window. Table, chair and recycle bin were provided too.
View of the common dining area from the outside balcony.
View of the common dining area plus the pine trees.
Wifi info and the lodge’s little reminder to the guests.
Right outside the room where I stayed. Constructions were ongoing during my stay.
View of the pine trees from the balcony. On the far left is the echo valley & hanging coffins.
Other rooms. This i guess is good for 3pax.
Other rooms. Good for 3pax too.
Other rooms. Good for 3-4pax.



  • each room has it’s own bathroom with hot & cold shower, pail, dipper, & sink.
  • WIFI is provided but I wasn’t able to enjoy it because cables were damaged by the typhoon just before I stayed here
  • television is provided at the common dining area
  • common living room & kitchen is located on the ground floor

Location & How to Get Here

The lodge is located probably more or less 500m from the tourism center, thus peace and serenity is something that I can assure you. It’s located near THE LEMON PIE HOUSE.  From there, keep walking for 50m and on the left side you’ll notice a narrow street/alley. Walk past through it and for about another 40-50m, you’ll see cemented steps on the right side going up. The house at the top is Kanip-aw Pines View Lodge.

Rates & Contact Info

Rate is at 300.00/head during my visit which happened last 2015, so i’m not really sure if there’s any changes on the price. You may contact the lodge owner on these mobile numbers: 0926-609-2960 or 0928-284-7507. You may also visit Kanip-aw Pines View Lodge’s Facebook page to read more comments/reviews and photos from recent guests.

The Verdict

I would highly recommend Kanip-aw Pines View Lodge as I really enjoyed my 2 nights of stay here. Serenity at it’s finest! It really feels like home away from home, and I would definitely go back to this lodge once I get another opportunity to visit Sagada. So buddies, if you have any plans of going up to Sagada soon, to probably mend your broken hearts or what not, I recommend you stay here, and it is highly recommended. 😉

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