Accommodations in Baler


Because it’s officially summer time and I,along with my buddies, just recently visited Aurora to celebrate le cousin’s birthday, let me share with you the rates of some hotels and accommodations that is located along Sabang beach.
The rates i’ll be posting here is based on the leaflets that I got from them.

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2017: What’s in it for you?

On the 2nd day of the 1st month of 2017, well, just the other day, my blog turned 3 and i just couldn’t thank everyone enough for being a part of this babe of mine that is still in the making, i could say. 2016 has been a big year for me as that’s when i collected all the memories and experiences that Continue reading “2017: What’s in it for you?”

Sagada Accommodation: Kanip-aw Pines View Lodge

How can you fully recover from a heartbreak if the bed that you’re onĀ even breaks your back? You don’t deserve that buddy! Nah.

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Christmas of 2016!

Merry christmas buddies!

It’s been a while and i got to say that i miss blogging so much! 4 long months and finally, my blog is up again. I’ve been busy with i-dunno-what thingy the past couple of months, and if not for the season, i probably am still hibernating. This post isn’t something obligatory though. Nah! x))

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Transient House in Baguio : Tita Mary’s Transient

We all wanted a relaxing place to rest after a fun and adventure filled day, right? And that’s where finding a perfect accommodation comes in the picture. Let me share with you this recent treasure that I found from our recent trip to Baguio, Tita Mary’s Transient House.

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Where have you been?

Just a few minutes ago, i realized, it has been a year since I was given the opportunity, or should I say I was blessed with the opportunity to travel, with my pocket always beating the red light. One of my buddies asked me “You always take pictures but I haven’t seen any of those on your facebook. Binubulok mo?” , then laughed. I don’t post photos on my facebook account as I don’t feel I have the right to tell the world that I’ve been here and there because like what I mentioned, my pocket’s a red light beater. Salingpusa lang ako sa karamihan ng naging lakad ko. Hehehehe!

So why did I create this post?