My 26th year!

Yeah, me and my soul sister absolutely had fun on my 26th birthday gala. It was supposed to be us and my friend Mhey, but she wasn’t able to make it, so kami na lang ang gumala. We’re originally bound to somewhere out of town, but due to some inevitable circumstances, we just went there, at the Mall of Asia, because that’s the next best place for me, because of the sea side. (Mehehe!)

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Beach Break Surfing School | Chasing the Waves of Baler

Since it is already “ber” months, and waves are getting bigger and bigger, instead of posting the second day of my Ilocos trip, let me firsthand share my surfing experience, so as to commend the people behind our (me and my buddies) success being a wave rider, even just for a wink of an eye. (Hehehehehe!)

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