2017: What’s in it for you?

On the 2nd day of the 1st month of 2017, well, just the other day, my blog turned 3 and i just couldn’t thank everyone enough for being a part of this babe of mine that is still in the making, i could say. 2016 has been a big year for me as that’s when i collected all the memories and experiences that Continue reading “2017: What’s in it for you?”


Christmas of 2016!

Merry christmas buddies!

It’s been a while and i got to say that i miss blogging so much! 4 long months and finally, my blog is up again. I’ve been busy with i-dunno-what thingy the past couple of months, and if not for the season, i probably am still hibernating. This post isn’t something obligatory though. Nah! x))

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Welcoming 2016!

Today marks the first day of 2016. Many are hopeful, many are weary, many are anxious about what’s gonna happen this year. Many are dreaming to become like this, or to be like that, but only a few are doing their best to reach whatever goal they have set upon themselves, so to them who are devotedly exerting their efforts for their dreams to become reality, i am giving my two thumbs up, and cheers to you all!

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