Accommodations in Baler


Because it’s officially summer time and I,along with my buddies, just recently visited Aurora to celebrate le cousin’s birthday, let me share with you the rates of some hotels and accommodations that is located along Sabang beach.
The rates i’ll be posting here is based on the leaflets that I got from them.

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Sagada Accommodation: Kanip-aw Pines View Lodge

How can you fully recover from a heartbreak if the bed that you’re onĀ even breaks your back? You don’t deserve that buddy! Nah.

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Transient House in Baguio : Tita Mary’s Transient

We all wanted a relaxing place to rest after a fun and adventure filled day, right? And that’s where finding a perfect accommodation comes in the picture. Let me share with you this recent treasure that I found from our recent trip to Baguio, Tita Mary’s Transient House.

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Green R Hotel Review | Where to stay in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Upon arriving at the green building that says “GREEN R”, we were actually doubting if we really found the right place because we cannot find the reception area, which normally can be seen at the front door, but since we’re too tired and we wanna feel the comfort that only a mattress can give, we entered the building’s front door, paved our way up to the second floor, and that’s where we found what we’re looking for: receptionist.
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