The Sunday Currently || Vol.1

Ola everyone! ‘Tis the season to be jolly for me since i’ll be joining this series called “The Sunday Currently” which was created by Lauren of Siddathornton, but first, let me give you a lil eye view on how i learned about this Q&A type of series.

Last July 14,2016, we watched the movie “Imagine You and Me” which starred the phenomenal love team Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza aka ALDUB, and since I can’t get enough of the characters’ love story, Andrew and Gara, I went online and checked Maine’s blog¬†and saw that her latest post is her own version of The Sunday Currently. Good thing she put the link at the bottom of the post. I got curious, clicked the link, was redirected to another blog post, and saw that The Sunday Currently is actually Q&A series for you (blogger) to let your readers/other people know your what-about at that current moment. Right then, I got excited, copied the questions, and made a pact to myself that by Sunday, I’ll be posting my very first TSC series.

Today’s Sunday, July 17,2016. I just wanna clarify this one as I might not be able to post this right away because of my sluggish connection. (YAY!)

Here it goes.

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