Where have you been?

Just a few minutes ago, i realized, it has been a year since I was given the opportunity, or should I say I was blessed with the opportunity to travel, with my pocket always beating the red light. One of my buddies asked me “You always take pictures but I haven’t seen any of those on your facebook. Binubulok mo?” , then laughed. I don’t post photos on my facebook account as I don’t feel I have the right to tell the world that I’ve been here and there because like what I mentioned, my pocket’s a red light beater. Salingpusa lang ako sa karamihan ng naging lakad ko. Hehehehe!

So why did I create this post?



Baguio-La Union escapade : from the mountains to the sea

Baguio City, dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines, is probably one of the most visited places in our country as it has so many things to offer to a needy, travelling soul. From the tourist spots turned historical landmarks, to fresh veggies and berries, to its cold, foggy climate, Baguio has always been on top of the list when looking for a go-to place, may it be for a quick weekend chill, or a week-long getaway.

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