Welcoming 2016!

Today marks the first day of 2016. Many are hopeful, many are weary, many are anxious about what’s gonna happen this year. Many are dreaming to become like this, or to be like that, but only a few are doing their best to reach whatever goal they have set upon themselves, so to them who are devotedly exerting their efforts for their dreams to become reality, i am giving my two thumbs up, and cheers to you all!

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Beach Break Surfing School | Chasing the Waves of Baler

Since it is already “ber” months, and waves are getting bigger and bigger, instead of posting the second day of my Ilocos trip, let me firsthand share my surfing experience, so as to commend the people behind our (me and my buddies) success being a wave rider, even just for a wink of an eye. (Hehehehehe!)

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Faith & Mountains

Being a christian is not easy. Yes, it really isn’t. Everyone around you tends to watch every move you make, and what makes it much harder is when they just keep an eye on you just to wait for your flaw, and boom, when you finally had a mistake, they’ll turn it into a mountain, when in fact, it’s just as small as a mustard seed.

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The Enemies of Faith

These past few months, I’ve always been clouded by fear. Lagi akong takot sa mga bagay na hindi ko naman alam kung ano, which makes me unproductive, and in the end, I’m just annoying myself.

We were always taught, even when we were kids, to have faith. Well, FAITH,is just a simple five-letter word, with a senseless to a wider definition, depending on how you perceive it.

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Green R Hotel Review | Where to stay in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Upon arriving at the green building that says “GREEN R”, we were actually doubting if we really found the right place because we cannot find the reception area, which normally can be seen at the front door, but since we’re too tired and we wanna feel the comfort that only a mattress can give, we entered the building’s front door, paved our way up to the second floor, and that’s where we found what we’re looking for: receptionist.
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About Me

Hi buddies, I’m Elle! I’m just trying to create an account here in WP because i am currently doing a comparison as to which among the 3 hosts is the best for my page.


You might be thinking that I am 25 years old because that’s what my name implies, but I’m actually 27. I started my blog 2 years ago, when I was still 25, hence, the name SILVERGIRL.

And as for ELLE, that name actually just came out of the blue. Well, not really. When I was in my previous job, I needed a nickname that is closer to my real name, and since my original epithet is quite far from my real one, the name ELLE suddenly crossed my mind since the last 2 letters of my name are E and L. Then, i just added 2 more letter, L and E, to give it a feminine touch.